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Nova Scotia’s 
One of a Kind Trail System

Empire Passes

Empire Passes!

Welcome to Empire Trails

This one of a kind trail system is located in Gore Nova Scotia, on a large block of farm land owned by Courthouse Hill Farm.

What once began as an 8km loop, has turned into a 20km must experience trail system.


One of a Kind

Trail System

The valley of Gore offers a diverse hilly terrain with a lot of soil variation and park like old growth forests that create exciting conditions for Mountain biking. 

Years of hard-working trail teams lead by the Blois family and the Mountain biking community have designed and constructed an advanced trail system for all skill levels and age groups. 

Navigating trails

The trails have been mapped out like a ski-hill with green, blue and black diamond lines, along with trail names and directional arrows.


You, your friends & family will be able to navigate your way through this exciting trail system.

(Dog Friendly).  

Access Empire Trails


Step #1:  The Empire Trails are located at #2001 Hwy 202.   Enter at the big sign and park 100 meters on the left or right before the Honour Office. 


Step #2:  Go to the Honour Office to register before entering the Trail System. 


Step #3:  In the Honour Office;

  1. Read and sign our waiver form

  2. Registering your name/s and time of entry

  3. Place waiver, registration slip and payment or transaction code in envelope

  4. Insert envelop in security slot


Step #4:  Enter the trail system at the sign where it says Empire Trails, ride safe,  stay on the trails, watch out for fellow riders/hikers and have a blast! 


Empire Trails 
Day Pass

General Day Pass

Yearly Annual

An annual pass gives you access to the trails year round!


Share the trails with your significant other


Ride with your family all year round

Empire Trails Social Media

Hours of Operation

-Open Monday to Sunday

-7am till dusk

-Closed every rainy day and day after ( if conditions are poor)

-Check our online forums for updates prior to riding

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 Empire Trails Updates

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