Trail Map & Rules of Access 

The Empire Trails offer year round access for all age groups and skill levels.  Established in 1995, this trail system has since expanded to 20kms of single track, gravel road and short track trails.  Regardless of your skill level or age group, the Empire Trails offers an adventure for everyone.


The Map below shows the trails system with all trails on it.  

Presently the Outer Limits and Ravine trails are temporarily closed in construction mode.    Check back soon for updates.

Empire Trail Rules

  • Drugs and alcohol are prohibited.  No smoking on the trails and only permitted at the trail entrance in a designated smoking area.


  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on any of the single track trails unless for maintenance purposes

  • Dogs are allowed off leash as long as they stay close to their owner and always supervised.

  • Any dog droppings around the event grounds or on the trails must be removed so no one steps or rides in them. 

  • Camping: Unfortunately at this time we are not licensed or insured for camping.

  • Please note that staff is rarely available during the week.  However, security or staff members may be present at any time scanning the trail system to ensure policies are being followed. Failure to follow rules may result in being banned from Empire Trails. 

  • ALL guests MUST agree & sign our waiver of liability. Use of all the trails and facilities is at your own risk. 

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